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Picture Book Edition


Choose picture book subscription for kids ages 3-8 with a large 16 inch new plush animal each month and related new Picture book to read again and again. (A 75.00 value)

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Chapter Book Edition


Choose the Chapter Book edition and get a new chapter book related to the large animal of the month. Perfect for ages 8 and above 

or to read aloud. 

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Mini 8 inch plush stuffing kits + Book

Mini Box
Picture Book Plan


Mini Boxes follow the same theme, with the same books as our regular boxes, but include a mini 8 inch animal. Perfect for ages 3-8.

All the fun in a smaller version

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Mini Box
Chapter Book Plan


Mini Chapter Book version comes with a new paperback book for good readers ages 8 and up, or to read aloud together. We choose favorite titles we've read to our own kids over the years!

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Sibling Boxes

Do you need a second Book and Bear Box, or a third?

While checking out you'll see the option to add a Bear Stuffing Kit with or without a book with our Sibling Discount,

so everyone can have their own Book and Bear Box!